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Real and Polished Lip Gloss Collection

Real and Polished Lip Gloss Collection


Our glosses are all-natural, nothing synthetic, very earthy, with just a touch of peppermint (which helps add a little "plump" to the lips!). Our glosses are hand-crafted and small-batched, so you know you're getting high quality, fresh products that are made with love and care. None of these are dark (even if they look like it in the tube). The fun part: they layer with each other fabulously so the color combinations are almost endless! Set of four designed to complement each other. Available in Queen's Satin, Boss Gloss Chiffon, Grace Under Pressure, and Polished Imperfection. Shades Inspired by the colorful rainbow of the flowers dahlias and calla lily to refect the meaning of resilience and perseverance.

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