The Problem is You Don't Understand!

I'll never forget the day I walked out on myself. It may have been the same as one who walks out on an abusive partner. I had enough of the inner chatter eating away at my soul. The sound of my voice was shrill and distressing to all around me. The rattling message inside my head perpetuated frustration and tingling in my fists.

"You don't understand!" If you've ever uttered these words at someone or left them screaming inside your head, you might also feel like punching someone! Whew, if only others could see, feel, and taste the agony, you're going through! The bruised heart and fiery ego has spoken.

One day, after a thunderous verbal expression of "You don't understand," I walked out on myself. I wasn't giving up. I felt cooked to the point of doneness, where my stress was concerned. I had reached beyond that bubble-bubble-toil and trouble energy into full-blown Wicked Witch. I was in the necessary agreement to change if I was ever to experience a happy moment again.

I'd love for more women to walk out on themselves to begin to uncover the authentic and gentle soul hidden beneath the dust of frustration. The self that so freely danced around like when she was a little girl. It's not so much a wild nature I would say to recapture as it is a curious and thoughtful embracing of new and emotionally freeing energy. When we learn to listen more and react less, we are guaranteed more happiness!

To feel genuinely fulfilled, we must abandon this quest to control how others view us. We must stop forcing them to see things our way. For the sake of everyone, we must learn to control that inner Wicked Witch!

What I've rediscovered to be my truth is this: Trying to get others to understand has never once made me feel happy, let alone lead to a respectful ending in conversation. I am free and authentic, where I look to understand others more. I learned this concept from the late Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. Habit 3 reads: Seek first to understand then to be understood. It's another way of becoming that which you wish to see more of in relationships. Until you've grown an empathetic ear, it may be time to walk out on yourself!

Do you need to walk out on yourself? No worries, we don't judge! Schedule a call to explore a better way to communicate and feel heard!

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