Will the Real You Please Step Forward?

Once upon a time we were at the mercy of developing breasts (those of us who are women). Some of us tried to hide these new growths upon our chests. Some of us wanted to make them look bigger. Whatever response we had to that which was beyond our control (our body development) could be a clue into how we approach life today and why we might be more stressed than necessary. Allow me to clarify.

On the one hand, if we were the girl who tried to cover up her breast development with oversized sweatshirts, it might have been there was shame attached. Sounds obvious, right? And if we look at ourselves as grown women today, we might see that we've carried a habit to hide into the present. We can use the hiding of breasts example to ask, "Do I seek to hide or cover something about myself today because of feelings of shame?" And ask yourself, "Is it worth it to continue carrying around this feeling?"

On the other hand, there were girls trying to make her breasts appear bigger than they were by stuffing our bras with tissues. We can guess it's because she couldn't bear looking different from her friends for fear of being made fun of or a fear of falling behind everyone else. That girl was willing to fake it if it meant acceptance from others. The changes happening in our bodies was painful enough, and on top of it, a constant comparison of our personal growth against others caused even more pain!

As a physically grown woman today, ask yourself, "Do I get caught in a comparison trap against other women that keeps me from nurturing growth at my own pace? (think: Keeping up with the Jones's mentality) Do I feel less than or smaller than other women compared to their personal or professional development growth at this stage of life? Is this way of thinking making me feel happy or stressed?"

Let's Explore Further!


Shame is a considerable emotion many women feel. It's like a dusty old skeleton rattling around inside us, making us think less-alive and feel and appear more self-conscious (dare I say, dull). When shame drives us to live in self-doubt about our appearance, voice in the world, or capabilities, we hide our real selves away. I once read that, according to the American Psychological Association, embarrassment and shame are self-conscious emotions that must be dealt with to serve our mental health. (sorry, I can't find the exact article at the moment!)

Last week, Carrie Michele and I did our weekly group coaching session (in our private VIP group) on How Releasing the Skeletons in Your Closet Could Be the KEY to Your Success! Today, we invite every woman to ask herself if there is any shame that needs to be unlocked and released! Are you hiding something that is part of your natural self and that you haven't yet embraced it as a beautiful part of your feminine self?


Of course, shame can be attached to a habit of comparing yourself to others. When you believe you're less than, you want to go bigger! Back then the changes happening in our bodies was painful enough, and on top of it, constant measurement of our personal growth against others caused even more pain! Comparison, if left unchecked, can make us feel dead inside and look fake on the outside. Our goal here at Polished Imperfection is to help you rediscover the shinier version of yourself--without all the fuss!


As women, every month, we've had no choice but to accept an unwelcome visitor, named Period! As we've grown into older women, most of us are at the mercy of sagging breasts and non-so-firm bellies, not to mention all the mess that comes with perimenopause and menopause symptoms. We carry the scars and stretch marks of babies and (or) weight loss/gain due to hormonal changes and surgeries. The newly sprouted wrinkles and age spots can work to dull our spirits and fades our bright smiles. We may feel unworthy of being looked at. To get back our glow, we must do more than apply night cream to our skin. We must continue to Polish Up Our Act when it comes to how we view ourselves. We believe it begins with gaining a new polished perspective in self-care.

Once upon a time we made a choice to either hide or exaggerate our looks in order to feel better about ourselves. Imagine a world of women where putting on makeup was for the joy of getting dressed up like when we were little girls rather than to hide our age spots? What if we could do away with slinking into invisibility behind baggy night clothes for fear our spouse might see what we've morphed into and get back to making passionate love? What would happen if we no longer strived to be cover girls and got excited to polish up our dull and discouraged spirits? How might that shine a light on your family?

If you're tired of hiding in shame or comparing yourself to others, here's some inspirational thought forward. As women, we are cyclical creations. Nature forced us quite literally to go with the flow every month whether we like it or not! And this is the good news! If we can remember that we possess a go-with-the-flow cyclical body, we are also undoubtedly capable of growing into a go-with-the-flow mindset when it comes to our aging bodies! Will the real you please step forward?

If you are struggling to release shame or if you'd like to stop comparing yourselves to others we are here for you! We may not be able to lift your breasts, but we can help to lift your spirits! Click Here to Become a Paid Monthly Member and VIP in our Private Group Coaching https://www.amyandcarriemichele.com/plans-pricing

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